Saturday, April 9, 2011

5 Quick Things about...@Dwight_Carter and @mrwejr

5 Quick things about...Dwight Carter @Dwight_Carter

Dwight Carter

1. Married for 6 years

2. I’m a twin

3. Yard yard is therapeutic

4. Jostens Renaissance Educator Hall of Fame

5. Two dogs named Lilly and Lola

5 Quick things about... Cris Wejr @MrWejr

Chris Wejr

1. My wife and I met when I was a high school PE teacher - she was a guest hip hop instructor for my PE class, she saw my ‘sweet’ moves and BOOM! it took off from there. Ok, maybe my dance moves weren’t so sweet but the effort was there...

2. In order to impress my future wife (at the time, a new girlfriend), I participated in her Dancing Dads dance group. After that, I couldn’t get out of it and have “danced”in a total of 5 Dads groups as well as played a lead role as Daddy Warbucks in a local production of the musical “Annie”. Videos of dancing dads available upon request ;-).

3. My wife and I welcomed two beautiful baby girls into our lives on December 10, 2010... and have not slept since... and we are loving every minute of it! They have 8, count’em - 8, grandparents. You think they get spoiled?

4. I am a huge sports nut - love the Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions, and Chicago Cubs. Have coached volleyball, basketball, hockey, rugby, track and field. I played hockey, baseball, golf, basketball, and volleyball in high school. I continue to golf and play hockey.

5. Nobody has ever pronounced my last name correctly on the first try. It is pronounced Wee-jer. My family is originally from the Czech Republic and the name went from Vejr to Wejr with the move to Canada.

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