Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Quick Things about...@joe_bower and @Mrs_P_teaches

5 quick things about Joe Bower @joe_bower

1. I live to play baseball with my brother Jeff. I'm on the mound and he's patrolling second base.

2. I love building Lego with my daughter Kayley

3. I love to see how happy my wife's puppies make her.

4. I'm a goaltender because I’m the one Canadian that can’t skate very well.

5. A cold beer is a beautiful thing.

5 quick things about...Crystal Pelletier @Mrs_P_teaches

1. I am an enthusiastic person! I enjoy helping others & love being a teacher! I really am thriving & loving the instant PD that comes with my new connections on Twitter!

2. My other loves are my husband (he's an engineer, not a teacher)and spoiled dog Zeus. We are from Saskatchewan originally (go Riders! Woohoo!) but Alberta is now home! Love it here!

3. I am new to using twitter for my PLN & for educational reasons. Only been at this just over 1 month! Started my first blog this week too! (told you I was enthusiastic)I had been using twitter before for personal stuff (see # 5, twitter is used well by UFC!) so I had a little experience before I jumped in!

4.I have completely revamped how I do things in my classroom and have really embraced change this year! We are exploring literacy through the Daily 5 & CAFE framework (from the 2 sisters @gailandjoan).

5. My husband is an avid sports fan. Warching sports with him has sparked my interest too! We both really love MMA (mixed martial arts) and follow UFC and other promotions. I have been to 6 live UFC events and will be attending the first UFC in Ontario at the end of the month! Go GSP!

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