Monday, April 11, 2011

5 Quick Things about...@4thGrdTeach and @shannoninottawa

5 Quick things about...Pernille Ripp @4thGrdTeach

1. I am an introvert hidden in an extroverts body, which means most people think I am really outgoing but I am just being loud to cover how shy I am. I am very loud with my students in order to get them excited but among people I sit and listen.

2. When I met Brandon I knew he was my soul mate; it just took me a year to convince him as we worked together (he was a bouncer, I was a bartender). I am romantic to a fault so every year for Mother’s Day he makes something for me. He outdoes himself every time and his last present can be seen here.

3. I have 9 siblings (I think, I always have to stop and count). There are 2 whole siblings, 5 half, and 2 step. They are spread out in the world and 2 of them I have never met.

4. My mother , sister, Thea and I now speak a sort of Danglish to each other. We speak in Danish but when we forget a word or can’t find the right word, we substitute for an English one. Our conversations therefore sound a bit crazy and my daughter, Thea, makes no sense to anyone.

5. My first name is mispronounced by everyone that meets me and I don’t bother to correct them, unless they call me penile (has happened) or Penelope. In Danish it is much prettier than Purrneil; it sounds more like Pair-Nee-Leh

5 Quick things about...Shannon Smith @shannoninottawa

1. I am the daughter of two educators, sister of two more and wife of another. When I was small, people would ask if I was going to teach like mom and dad and I ALWAYS answered an indignant, “NO!”

2. When I was completing my Master of Arts in English Literature, I became fed up with the competitive post-graduate atmosphere and opted for teacher’s college instead of pursuing my PhD.

3. From 2000 - 2005 I took 5 years off from teaching to be home with my kids. During that time I started a business as a certified doula (labour and birth support). This is when I learned how to create a website, which proved to be where 95% of my clients found me.

4. I’m a sucker for poetry. The likes of Bronwen Wallace and Nikky Finney can move me to tears at any given moment.

5. I cannot tolerate wet socks.

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