Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hope in 2013- Thanks Magnetic Zeros.

Happy New Year! With my first post of the new year I want to offer you a song of hope: A hope for a better day; a hope to make better choices; a hope to be nicer to people; Hope.

 I discovered this song, Man on Fire, and band, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, late in 2012. They have made an impact on me. With many postings of their videos on youtube, you can really tell they are happy, love what they do, and want people to be happy. There are many versions of "Man on Fire" and it is a joy to see them perform it. However, when I saw the official video it really made an impact.

 I realize that Edward Sharpe, aka Alexander Ebert, is asking a lot. Indeed, he wants the whole damn world to dance with him:

 "Ohhh. Come dance with me) over murder and pain Come and set you free Over heartache and shame"

 Please watch and enjoy a nice message for the new year, Hope.