Friday, April 1, 2011

10 pictures of my school: My "10 Picture Tour"

Cale Birk called on educators to take 10 pictures of their school so that "we will learn a little bit about what your learning environment looks like." Here is my submission.

Inuksuk High School in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada with Frobisher bay in the background.

The Inuksuk and sign at the front of our school.

Front entrance to the open area. Qayaq on the wall.

Our open area. Table Tennis is very popular.

Very old Ski-doo in our open area. Students use it for sitting.

Student art work.

Trophy case.

Library upstairs from vantage point of hall way.

Qamutiq (sled) in shop hallway. It is getting a few repairs.

Pictures of elders.

Soapstone sculpture at front entrance to the open area.

Upstairs Mural


  1. Love the feel of this school and the tribute to the elders. So important to honor the heritage.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Brian
    The background of Frobisher Bay is stunning.
    Really like the feel of the school as an extension of the community' with the Pictures of the Elders, Qayak, Qamutiq and Ski-doo
    Great looking school!

  3. This is great. I especially like the pictures of elders. Your school appears rich with culture and community. Thanks for sharing a bit of your daily life with us. :)

  4. Loved this. Can't wait to share with my students.

  5. Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing these photos. I especially appreciate the cultural richness. I'm curious about the exterior-what is the material?

  6. Great shots, Brian! Thanks for the tour!

  7. Great pictures! Ths school is really an extension of the community! perhaps you should share the comments on this blog with your students - they should be proud of their school!

  8. Great example of how life is lived at school. Will show it to as many school principals/educators as possible as a wonderful example.

    THANK YOU for sharing!


  9. Wow! Living in sub-tropical Queensland, Australia, for me the contrast with your school couldn't be much more striking!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Brian. I looked your school up on Google Maps, and I am even more impressed by your location. If I'm seeing right, your community is only accessible by air or sea - is that right?

    I taught at Burketown State School, Qld, 30 years ago - that location is similarly isolated to Inuksuk, so I do feel a connection.

    I agree with others above - your photos give a great impression of the school atmosphere and ethos, and especially the respect held for the elders and traditional local culture. Thank you again.

  10. ClassProf, indeed, Iqaluit is only accessible by air or sea.

  11. Brian,
    Wonderful pictures that really tell the story of your community.
    In many ways this is like the school I was with while my husband was stationed in Adak, Alaska. We were above the tree line and were only accessible by air and sea. The sad part was because it was a Naval Base used for special ops the Inuit did not reside on the island. That would have made it truly special.

  12. Hi Brian
    As always, your pictures give us a small window into what a beautiful location you have, at the top of the world!

  13. Brian- Would you mind if I share your pictures of your school with my students who are learning about Canada? They are beautiful and so different than our school. I will post pictures of our school next week (our Spring Break is coming to an end). Jill (Michigan)

  14. Jill, feel free to share. Thanks for asking.