Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 things about my school.

1. We don’t have any cross-town school rivals. We are the only game in town.
If we want to play a sport against another high school, we have to fly to them or they fly to us.

2. We do have buses. Some students, however, choose to use their snowmobiles or 4 wheelers (in the fall) to get to school.

3. We do not get as many snow days as people might think. I think we had 1.5 so far this year.

4. Students call teachers by their first names. They call me Brian, not Mr. Barry. (I love that.)

5. My students’ first language is Inuktitut.

6. The grade nines go on 2 "day" trips a year. The first trip we learn how to build an Igloo; The second trip we go ice fishing. This happens in April.


  1. There are so many parts of your school that make me jealous - especially the first name deal.

  2. Brian - So interesting to hear about other schools, especially ones that are so different from what I am used to seeing.

  3. @John- The first name basis is outstanding. Everybody goes by their first name including principal. I feel it makes things a lot less formal and equal.

    @Diane Thanks for your comment Diane.

  4. Yep, having my students call me Mr. Holden used to be about getting respect. Now I know it's more about getting respect by giving it. Getting called Gord by my students is an honour. It confirms that we have become co-workers in achieving our goals.

  5. Brian,
    You are so lucky to work in such a small environment. It enables you to build a tight community. I love the first names, it is so refreshing and open.

  6. In Israel we also go by first names for teachers students and the principal! Till now hadn't heard of other places that did that!

  7. Wow - I would love to experience all of that! In fact, I would love to take my grade 9's there so they could learn to ice fish and build an igloo as well!