Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 Quick Things about...@MmeVeilleux and @intrepidteacher

5 Quick things about...Ingrid Veilleux @MmeVeilleux

1. I have an enthusiastic personality so I can get very carried away with projects I work on. One of my mottoes: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!

2. I am multi-lingual. I speak English, French and Finnish but mostly teach in French. I am fascinated by how the brain works especially with regard to language acquisition. A favourite quotation: Monolingualism is curable.

3. I am a mathie wannabe. I love to teach math. I love #mathchat. I read math ed research voraciously.

4. In my free time, I go to my community church, have a constant flow of people coming and going from my house, love my mini-Schnauzer, Maggie, and love spending time with my kids and husband.

5. I give a lot of workshops in the Lower Mainland particularly in the areas of literacy, fine arts integration, instructional strategies and dialogue strategies. I current teach pre-service teachers at UBC.

5 Quick things about...Jabiz Raisdana @intrepidteacher

1. I have had three near death experiences. I survived the Tsunami in 2004. Story here. I was in a car crash in Mexico that sent two friend to the hospital. (Writing story as part of my book, and was passed out when two friends drove a car into a tree and seriously damaged it and themselves. (Not in the car, but would have been had I been awake)

2. I have been trying to gain weight since I was 12 years old, but nothing seems to work. One time tin NYC I would eat a pint of Ice Cream and some donuts every night before bed for a few weeks. Nothing.

3. I played football in high school. Every year except my senior year. I was a strong/free safety. I was too small but hit like a truck. I loved the feeling of hitting someone without any fear.

4. I played Clarinet and saxophone as a kid and loved gymnastics. Broke my arm on the high bar in 8th grade. Stopped doing all of that when it wasn’t cool anymore= High School.

5. Vegetarian Sushi and Vegetable tempura Ramen or Udon is my favorite meal. I eat it once a week.

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