Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Short Conversation with...Jana Scott Lindsay @Mollybmom

I recently discovered a website named Teachmeet New Jersey: Fresh Ideas for Education. The site introduces educators to its readers by conducting short interviews. I really like that idea so I asked a few people from my PLN to answer a few questions about education. Enjoy.

Jana Scott Lindsay

How long have you been teaching?

This spring marks 18 years in the profession. In many ways, it feels like only yesterday that I convocated and began my journey as an educator.

Has your educational philosophy changed since you began teaching?

Absolutely! I think the entire philosophy almost hinges on a constant evolution of learning and best practice. Each new year brings with it an new sets of challenges, opportunities, and obstacles to learn and grow from as an educator.

If so, what led to this change? Was it a gradual process or a specific event?

I feel fortunate that I have had so many varied teaching experiences and opportunities to learn from mentors, colleagues,and most importantly, my students over the years. Being a life long learner is a necessity when it comes to modelling a love of learning in the classroom. In a more current blog post I mentioned that “ some of the best learning I have ever been a part of has been when I have had the good sense to give up the driver's seat,” and that holds true for me even to today.

Has Twitter played a role in your evolution as a teacher? If so, how?

Collaborating globally with my professional learning community has had a dynamic and inspirational impact on myself as an teacher, not to mention as an individual Connecting with like minded educators everyday has given me permission to spread my wings. I am supported, challenged, and encouraged to be a risk-taker, a facilitator of authentic learning, a collaborator, a co-inquirer, and a questioner.

In taking time to ponder this last year in my life I feel empowered. For me it is about connectedness and knowing that I am a part of a community that will support me when the chips are down, and will celebrate wholeheartedly in my success. Amazing experiences have shaped my learning... amazing individuals, amazing endeavours.

Jana's Blog

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