Saturday, February 26, 2011

"'Against the Wind' by Bob Seger"

I've always identified with the song Against the Wind, the namesake of my blog. This song by Bob Seger is, indeed, one of my favorite. As noted in the side bar of this blog, I chose the title Against the Wind to symbolize the struggle I have within myself. That struggle is simply challenging the way I thought a teacher should be. Indeed, "The biggest obstacle to school change is our memories."

I have never posted this beautiful song on my blog. I found this great cover today on youtube of Seger's classic song. Here it is-- Enjoy.


  1. Great choice of cover to feature this song! Good songs never the looks of the age group here--they are so into it! Looks like my basement some nights when the teens "jam" here. Sometimes they even let me sing :)

    Thanks, and keep running against the wind!

  2. Thanks for posting the song! I wasn't familiar with this one, There is a Hebrew song with a similiar name which I LOVE, called "Walk Against the Wind". There is a great line in the chorus: " It is always the darkest before the sun comes up".
    If you want to hear in Hebrew by the original singer, Shalom Chanoch, here it is:

    The title of your blog is what caught my attention to to begin with, because I identify wuth the thought. The fact that your blog is so interesting to follow keeps me a dedicated reader!

  3. It is a special song for everyone, not just me.” Of all the songs she performs, Billy Joel’s “Goodnight My Angel” holds the most personal connection for her since it was a song her mother use to sing.