Sunday, September 19, 2010

Basic Needs

Here is my first Prezi. During an earlier blog post I wrote about Meeting the Needs of Students based on William Glasser's Choice Theory. I decided to further explain the needs using a Prezi.

I would like to thank Diane Gossen and Joel Shimoji for teaching me about Glasser's Choice Theory. It is my hope that a better understanding of human needs will allow me to create the learning environment my students deserve.


  1. Ayungi!

    (FYI, small typo with the word evolve -"evovle" on fifth point in).


    Bill Belsey


  2. Hi Bill,

    Qujannamiik for the tip and the compliment. It has been fixed.


  3. Awesome! Thanks for a great example.

  4. Great prezi! Thanks for introducing me to Glasser's Control Theory. Will think about it some more...

    Keep blogging!

  5. Certainly makes one think about whether or not we are fulfilling these needs for our students in the classroom and as a society as a whole. I guess we can provide for them the best that we can in school so that at least their needs will be met somewhere some of the time.

    I loved the videos you found on Micheal Jordan because it illustrates the point some of our youth have that it takes more than just talent to be successful.

    I will certainly be doing some more reading about Control Theory. Nice Prezi by the way.

  6. BTW are those pictures in your Prezi from where you teach?

  7. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your comments. I got the pics from various sites. They are not specifically from the community I teach but are from the North.

    Cheers and thanks for reading.

  8. I am a new teacher graduating is 2014. It excites me to see that there are other teachers who a willing to reform traditional ways of teaching and aim for more holistic education of our students. I will be sharing your blog with my class for a presentation. Thank you, all the best. Cindy.