Saturday, September 25, 2010

Motivational Resources

Last week I was talking to a first year teacher in my community. He was saying how overwhelmed he felt being a first year teacher. Being a rookie, he was overwhelmed by classroom management issues, curriculum, how to best communicate with parents, a new culture (He is from Southern Canada) and new students, just to name a few. I tried to help him out a little by making a few suggestions.

The more I talked the more I was saying, "I will send you a link for this, a link for that." The links were flowing out of my mouth so fast that he, again, seemed a little overwhelmed. I was doing more damage than good. So, I decided to start a motivational page on my website where he could get a feeling of the things and philosophies I was talking about. By no means is the list extensive. It is just a few resources to share those philosophies. If you would like to see the page please follow this link to my class website by clicking on Boomer the Dog. (Boomer is owned by a Student Support Assistant at our school)

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