Friday, March 11, 2011

11 reasons why I blog.

1 I blog to discover a deeper understanding of why I feel the way I do about a topic.

2. I blog to challenge the way I feel about a topic.

3. I blog to get feedback from others.

4. I blog to keep thinking and reflecting about education.

5. I blog to fight the resistance- My lizard brain.

6. I blog to be heard.

7. I blog so that I can share with others.

8. I blog to get to know others.

9. I blog to connect with the world.

10. I blog so that I can share posts with students. They get a deeper understanding of why I teach the way I do, why I conduct the class the way I do, why I do what I do.

11. I blog because I can.


  1. I agree. Blogging has helped change my teaching practice. Well put.

  2. Yes, yes, yes - I agree to many of these. I also blog to keep myself honest.

  3. Yes to so many of those including 'because I can!'
    It has really helped me organise all sorts of resources - nice to know that it is useful for others too.

  4. Don't forget because it is fun.

  5. I really like #10. I blog because it gives me more credibility with my students. I can talk about the benefits of blogging, and they know I talk from experience.

  6. I blog because its less creepy than talking to myself. Great post.