Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finding His Element: Sidney Crosby

Sir Ken Robinson calls the element "the point at which natural talent meets personal passion." Sidney Crosby, NHL superstar for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL, would be an example of how someone found "their element." Earlier this year Crosby appeared in a Tim Horton's commercial where he talked about doing something you love. In Crosby's case, that love was hockey and he was good at it. Check out the commercial:


  1. Good example. Talent and passion are two key ingredients to succeed. Sticking with the hockey scenario, players like Crosby and Toews have both. That is why they win. A player like Alexander Daigle had talent but no passion. A player like me has passion but no talent. :)

  2. Brian, excellent comment. Also, very funny comment. You are correct about Daigle; you are hard on yourself, but funny nonetheless. Kovalev is another one I would add to the list of no passion. At least it appears that way.