Thursday, August 19, 2010

Living Longer, Healthier Lives

There are 2 subjects that need more attention in some schools: Physical Exercise

and Nutrition studies. We educate the mind but what about the body? Daily exercise promotes a healthier lifestyle. With the higher obesity rates in children, why is this not a priority in some districts? I was delighted recently when our government implemented a mandatory 20 minutes of daily exercise for K-9.

What about nutrition? Nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise. Why is this not a priority in the upper grades of some districts? Students should be taught about proper nutrition so they can make healthier food choices. Some students, of course, would still choose the foods they currently eat, but at least they will know what they are eating.

Have you thought of this before? How much exercise and nutrition education do your students get? If we want our students to be life long learners, do we not want them to live a long life too? Of course we do.


  1. I work at an elementary school, and as of this year, we cannot keep a student from recess. No candy. No cupcakes at birthdays. (Somehow, I don't think a festive occasion revolves around string cheese, but perhaps I'm wrong...)However, there is still funnel cake as a breakfast offering on a regular basis. What's the rationale behind that?

    I admire that you have elimniated rewards and punishment from your class. I'm not quite there yet. My students earn "bucks", and when their daily account is adequate, they have free choice at recess, and can bid on things once a month at our classroom auction. I know it's kind of lame, but the kids are seeing that their choices result in consequences. Nothing is bestowed upon them; they earn it.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Indeed, it is inconsistent to ban candy, etc. and allow cake...I am curious as to why you you keep students away from recess? Was it used as a form of punishment? If you are trying to change to a classroom that does not deal with reward/punishment you should check out Alfie Kohn and Joe Bower (@joe_bower). Joe writes about classroom issues, including rewards/punishment. You can read his blog here:

    Indeed, I do not use any reward/punishment system in my class. For example, my students don't earn a pizza party. We have pizza parties throughout the year just to celebrate that we are a community of learners.

    Thanks for reading my post and for your comment. It is appreciated.