Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is good PD in 140 characters or less.

What is good PD? I asked that question using Twitter and received many responses. The responses are posted below. Can you detect any common themes?

@JPPrezz: Good PD is engaging, relevant, and participant-driven

@runfardvs: IMO good PD is aimed at classroom practice, adaptable for each teacher's situation, and has follow-up

@skipvia: A structure for providing your own PD. No institution can provide everything every teacher needs.

@mountainteacher: individualized and convenient with time to apply and reflect

@nathanpitt: interactive activities (have people DO something) and opportunities for "projects" that last beyond time of PD "class."

@erringreg: Good PD is relevant, purposeful, pushes you beyond your comfort zone enough to shift your thinking. My MEd was good PD.

@monicaannebatac: Conversations reign supreme.

@northeagles: Simple: educators spending time together discussing kids/education/professional practice-then setting goals 4improvement

@ShawnMcCusker: good PD helps teachers deliver an improved classroom experience to students.

@sonicgeekette: Good PD is learning from other educators in Twitter!

@christensen143: Brian I think good PD ties in Technology. I'm biased as the Tech Dir but we throw so much tech at teachers with little PD.

@erniec: job embedded, inquiry based, purpose driven

@techyturner: PD that is relevant and timely.

@Michelle_Horst: One that interests and motivates you as a teacher! Perhaps one chosen, and not prescribed? Ask: Will I learn as a result?

Thanks to all who responded!


  1. One I would add... Must be ongoing rather than an event. I think we do a disservice to education by stating that teachers only do professional development on PD days as we all know effective teachers professionally learn every day.

    Pro D days could be powerful but if that is all they are... A day... Then we miss the point on what professional learning should be.

  2. he article is written in a nearly surreal voice whereby, if you let it, you’ll gloss over the entire point it is inadvertently making and actually.

  3. Quality PD is facilitated by teachers, not just researchers. The thinking done in PD should be motivated by each teacher's individual needs. The most powerful PD in which I have ever participated prompted me to list problems I encounter in my classroom that are within my control, then I was charged with solving one. I was given time, guidance, resources, and collaboration, but then I was expected to present. It changed my thinking and my practice.

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